2022-06-21 @ 12:31 (ST)

An update from your beloved Everlook team. Today is an exciting day, as we are here to celebrate 20,000 members in the Discord as well as a bounty of juicy news freshly pressed by the staff. Our team is working diligently on the development of the server on a daily basis in order to move closer and closer to the milestones we set as a team It just so happens weve reached a few, and are happy to inform you of them. Our website is now online! Feel free to browse through it on https://everlook.org/ The website will be one of our official channels of communication and announcements going forward. We have many more exciting features for the website being brought up during staff discussions that we will touch on in the near future as we develop and feel ready to share those ideas. As a quick heads up, the in-game rules, or ToU, that everyone is obliged to follow, is now available on our website. Another exciting topic floating around is the PTR. The applications submitted to us through the Google form have been carefully hand-reviewed by staff, and those who were accepted for this initial wave of invites may keep an eye out for a closed beta key in their DMs from our local discord bot soon. An announcement will be made when these keys are being sent alongside further information. If you do not initially receive a key, do not fret! The staff is creating an easier and more accessible way to apply for the PTR, which will be available soon. More information on the PTR, such as our timeline, opening date, and more, will follow soon. Thank you all for your patience, the staff is very grateful for you all and we cannot wait to see you on our website and in the PTR.